Working with Excel files in Python

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Название: Working with Excel files in Python
Автор: Clinton W. Brownley
Издательство: O’Reilly Media
Год: 2016
Страниц: 115
Язык: английский
Формат: epub, pdf (conv)
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"Learn Python for data analysis” is a constant refrain for those looking to develop their data analysis skills. But it’s hard to apply beginning Python skills to your everyday work if the data you deal with is in Excel spreadsheets. This lesson gives you the ability to connect your new skills to the data you’re already working with, and gives you a big step up on the Python learning curve.

Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous. We use Excel to store data on customers, inventory, and employees. We use it to track operations, sales, and financials. The list of ways people use Excel in business is long and diverse. Because Excel is such an integral tool in business, knowing how to process Excel files in Python will enable you to add Python into your data processing workflows, receiving data from other people and sharing results with them in ways they’re comfortable with.

Unlike Python’s csv module, there is not a standard module in Python for processing Excel files (i.e., files with the .xls or .xlsx extension). To complete the examples in this section, you need to have the xlrd and xlwt packages. The xlrd and xlwt packages enable Python to process Excel files on any operating system, and they have strong support for Excel dates. If you installed Anaconda Python, then you already have the packages because they’re bundled into the installation.

What you’ll learn - and how you can apply it

This lesson teaches you to ingest Excel spreadsheet files into Python scripts and begin to leverage Python’s powerful analysis and automation tools, using both base Python and pandas.

This lesson is for you because...

You deal with data in spreadsheets as part of your job and are beginning to learn Python; this chapter gives you the ability to start applying your Python knowledge right away.


Beginning Python knowledge
Familiarity with Excel
Materials or downloads needed in advance

Python 3.x

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