Patented vs. Unpatented Mining Claims

Светлана Сергеевна Смирнова

Gold miners , Aug 14, 18:13

When considering the benefits of owning patented land vs. unpatented mining claims here are a few things to consider. Each has it's advantage and disadvantage. Patented Claims One of the largest benefits of owning a patented site is that you own the land outright and you can do what you want with the land. You can build a cabin on it and live there. Many mine sites are held with patents. Patented mining sites are usually expensive, but they also hold a high resale value. All lode and many placer claims that were patented were surveyed prior to patent. These surveys are known as mineral surveys and records of these surveys are currently kept on microfiche. The BLM has a full set of these mineral surveys that can be viewed and/or copied for a fee. With a patented claim you don't need to file a plan or notice with the federal government, but you still must comply with other applicable federal regulations as well as state and local mining requirements. One of the downsides of patented sites is you are liable for the mines: clean up, environmental impact, attractive nuisance and public access problems might be some things you have to deal with. There are also annual taxes on the land values, usually at least a few thousand dollars a year. Unpatented Claims Unpatented Mining Claim Unpatented Mining Claim One downside to unpatented claims is that you can't build a permanent structure on the claim without paying an expensive bond. All buildings on an unpatented claim must be mobile, or pre-existing. With an unpatented claim you have less liability for the public because it is still public land. With a plan of operations you can fence off your site to keep the public out as well. With an unpatented claim there are no taxes, just your annual assessment of $155 per year plus a small fee to the county BLM, typically between $5 to $20. We Sell both Unpatented claims and patented land We regularly update our inventory of mining claims. The patented land we are usually selling for others. Most of our unpatented claims we go out and find ourselves. We move quite a few claims through our doors, so if you don't see one that catches your eye, keep checking back, or just sign-up for our email newsletter and we will email you our latest mining claims.

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