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Published at
09 Jun 2015
Well passed spring, hot vacation time came, but the team of resource "Gornopromyshlennik" is not in a hurry to relax. We continue to work to make it comfortable to work…
Published at
31 Mar 2015
With the establishment of mining enterpriser" everything was ambiguous, therec were a lot of rumors, speculation and doubt, but now with the passage of time can definitely say this is…
Published at
30 Jan 2015
In connection with the change of legislation in the field of IT 01.01.2015, the team of International industry resource "Gornopromyshlennik" in January 2015 was forced to solve technical problems. Beg…
Published at
01 Dec 2014
Not light up the end of the year and everyone's favorite holiday New year!!! I'm sure many are already counting the days until the long-awaited holiday, make a wish, buy…
Published at
13 Aug 2014
A lot of work on the development of the resource in professional circles has been done in July. We joined the initiative group of entrepreneurs of Kemerovo region to discuss…
Published at
11 Jul 2014
The team of the international specialized industry resource "Gornopromyshlennik" opened with new opportunities for its users. From 15 July 2014, we introduce a new service for inventors, innovators and rationalizers…
Published at
25 Jun 2014
Presentation of the international specialized industry resource «Gornopromyshlenniki» at the international exhibitions, conferences, opening new sections, subsections and it is only in June. Now there are more details. From 3…
Published at
10 Jun 2014
From 3 to 6 June in the city of Novokuznetsk XXI international specialized exhibition of technologies of mining development "Coal of Russia and Mining" and the V specialized exhibition "Protection,…
Published at
27 May 2014
Every day the number of companies registered at the international specialized industry resource «Gornopromyshlennik» is increased on average by 100. Each one passes analysis belonging to the mining sector and…
Published at
13 May 2014
1.05.2014 the official launch of the updated international specialized industry resource Gornopromyshlennik". We have informed our customers and partners about this event by e-mail with the offer to update the…

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