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Published at
30 Mar 2018
On the eve of the geologist's day congratulations to brave and patient people who know every far corner of the vast Russia, are counting on the wealth of natural treasures…
Published at
07 Mar 2018
Beautiful, cute our women from all soul congratulate on International women's day on March 8! You are always on top even when not in heels; still you're the best, favorite,…
Published at
21 Feb 2018
At all times the heroism and courage of soldiers, the power and the glory of arms was the pride and grandeur of the Russian state. We are true to the…
Published at
28 Dec 2017
Wish You a happy New year! May it bring prosperity and confidence in the future, new friends and happy events! Let happy every hour and moment, multiplying all good! We…
Published at
07 Dec 2017
Give the new year a newsletter based resource (11 000 addresses) for placing an order for a banner or card of Your company on the resourse till 31.01.2018!!! Call for…
Published at
09 Nov 2017
On November 15-17, 2017 will be the only specialized exhibition in Uzbekistan that represent a set of technologies and services for mining and processing complex, the 12th international Exhibition "Mining…
Published at
22 Jul 2017
Package "Business +" is designed for business sharks who value their time and money. And now at a competitive price. Read more on in the section "About us -…
Published at
01 Dec 2016
We have a big sale banner places on the resource in anticipation of the New year. Catch to place a banner of your company or exhibition until 31 December 2016.…
Published at
21 Oct 2016
The banner was and remains one of the most popular types of advertising. Vivid and concise, usually with a small amount of text, it is created to quickly convey the…
Published at
30 Sep 2016
Attention! Inform about the change a phone number. Now You can call us at the number 8-906-933-83-83. We will be glad to answer all questions with the new number.

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