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Published at
07 Sep 2016
(Halesowen, September 6th 2016) Manuli Hydraulics Mining Division is proud to announce the release for sale of the new Sliderlock hose connection system. An innovative new concept designed to ensure…
Published at
27 Aug 2016
Dear miners, the glorious workers of the country! Your Titanic work, high performance is a great contribution to the prosperity of the nation. Wish you better working conditions, quality of…
Published at
23 Aug 2016
On the eve of the celebration of miner's day, we vacated the banner space to accommodate banners of congratulations. Therefore, I apologize, but 29.08.2016 year we remove banners companies. At…
Published at
19 Aug 2016
Hello.We have not put the news online. At this time we are asking you to help us improve the quality of the work on the resource. In the section “Forum”…
Published at
19 May 2016
Karelia is riched of rocks and gems of different kinds, and where else if not here to hold an exhibition designed to acquaint the specialists of the mining industry with…
Published at
12 May 2016
The project “Gornopromyshlennik” meets on the pages of new guests. This time is CJSC “Kuzbass fair”. The company has expressed a desire to place a banner “XXII International specialized exhibition…
Published at
02 May 2016
Dear users, we inform you that on our resource are freed up space to accommodate your personalized banners, Yes, banners of your company, your website, or upcoming event. Ready to…
Published at
25 Apr 2016
International specialized industry resource “Gornopromyshlennik” continues to establish partnerships with CIS countries. In particular, an agreement was signed on mutual cooperation with TNT Productions, LLC, the organizer of the XII…
Published at
05 Apr 2016
International specialized industry resource “Gornopromyshlennik” continues to expand not only our horizons, but also geography. 30 March 2016 Mining and exploration forum "MINEX Central Asia" (the founder of LLP "Mining…
Published at
13 Mar 2016
Need travelers, scientists, the military, in a word – everything! And without accuracy, they are just pretty pictures which should be in a Museum... With the Day of workers of…

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