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Published at
11 Jul 2014
The team of the international specialized industry resource "Gornopromyshlennik" opened with new opportunities for its users. From 15 July 2014, we introduce a new service for inventors, innovators and rationalizers…
Published at
10 Jul 2014
July 1, one of the largest specialized enterprises manufacturing equipment for the mining industry, oil and gas industry celebrates the 75-th anniversary from the date of formation. Plant "Rudgormash" conducts…
Published at
25 Jun 2014
Presentation of the international specialized industry resource «Gornopromyshlenniki» at the international exhibitions, conferences, opening new sections, subsections and it is only in June. Now there are more details. From 3…
Published at
10 Jun 2014
From 3 to 6 June in the city of Novokuznetsk XXI international specialized exhibition of technologies of mining development "Coal of Russia and Mining" and the V specialized exhibition "Protection,…
Published at
20 May 2014
12 April the whole country celebrated the Day of Cosmonautics. For TopProm Holding and mine "Yubileinaya" this memorable day was marked with another important event. 12 April 2014 sinking flank…
Published at
20 May 2014
The first meeting of the newly created “TopProm professionals club” was held on the 24th of April at CPP Shchedrukhinskaya. The club participants are the executives of all the Holding…

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